Our memorable travelling experience in Croatia


Day 1: Dubrovnik to Split

We started our trip from the big city of south Croatia Dubrovnik to other attractive places of the country.

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Day 2: Split to Trogir

On the next day, we chose trogir historic site to spend time on exploring ancient things. Trogir is a small city with several old city walls and restaurants.

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Day 3: Sibenik to Hvar

We reached the coast of sibenik on the next day of our trip. We planned to visit cascade krka to enjoy the view of nature.

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Day 4: Hvar to Korcula

Almost all the towns near the coastlines of Croatia are popular tourist places. One such town having many restaurants and luxury apartments is korcula

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Possibilities of yacht charter

Croatia is the best travel destination choice for people who love yachting and water sports. Beaches in this country are among the popular beaches in Mediterranean. The sea water of the beaches looks clean and more beautiful that travelers love the most. Throughout the coast line of this country all coves, beaches and islands seem to leave travelers with a mood of delight.

Some popular travel destinations in this country are pula, zadar, split, hvar and Dubrovnik. Croatia is one among the best holiday destinations no matter what the reasons for your travelling are, whether to visit the beaches or enjoy the clean atmosphere of this country. Here I shared my vacation experience in the beautiful cities of Croatia.